Top Tips to keep your worms wiggling happily!

The amazing thing about worms is that they eat up to half their body weight every day in waste and produce free compost and liquid feed for life – just from kitchen waste! An amazing feat for sure and your job? Just to keep good conditions inside the kit for them to do their thing…

They need

1: A pH of around neutral (most kitchen waste is acidic so adding a little lime mix from time to time is really beneficial

2: Warmth and Moisture… worms do it in the dark (!) so if you use a moisture mat the worms will work up to the surface, soak up excess moisture, and help deter flies from laying eggs…

3 Air. Worms make burrows which aerates the waste so avoid disturbing as much as possible.

If things go a little pear-shaped – you may have flies that congregate in your kit. Whilst pretty harmless they can be really unpleasant so having a tube of Diatomaceous Earth (DE Powder) by your side is handy to address this issue, and of course, a regular addition of lime mix and a moisture mat is very helpful.

If you want to speed up your worm composting and get a healthy population of worms the best addition is Rock Dust – it contains the essential minerals and trace elements required for healthy growth in your Composting Worms and secondly adding an extra tray to your kit gives the population of worms more room to move about in and therefore more space to breed so always useful.

We hope your worms are helping recycle your kitchen waste, and starting to provide some good quality liquid feed and compost, and finally providing a really good conversation starter for dinner parties or zoom calls!

For more help with Worm Composting please visit our Wiggly Wizard knowledge base here

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