Top tips about bird boxes

With today being the last day of nest box week, I thought it might be timely to offer a few top tips about bird boxes.

  • Bird boxes should face between north and south-east.

  • Place nest boxes at least 2 metres above the ground to protect against predators like cats.

  • Most species of garden birds prefer to nest in isolation, so place your boxes at least 15 metres apart. Sparrows, however, are communal, and like to nest in adjacent boxes.

  • Avoid any disturbance in the spring or early summer. Disturb as little as possible at other times as birds often like to roost in nest boxes, especially in the winter.

  • If you would like to clean out your bird box in preparation for next year‚Äôs nest, do so around September time to be sure that all nesting activity has finished.

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