Three Top Tips for supporting your Garden Birds at Christmas


1. Know your birds

Different species eat different things. Sparrows and finches like seeds; tits like fat; and thrushes and robins like fruit and worms. And starlings will eat just about anything. Make sure you're providing the right menu for your diners.

2. Look out for leftovers...

Some of our own food can be good for birds – for example, fruit cake or mince pies, dried fruit, unsalted nuts, or apples and pears past their best. Try sprinkling grated mild cheese under trees and bushes for more timid birds like wrens and dunnocks. Please note DO NOT put out turkey fat or similar soft fats – it will stick to your birds feathers and stop them from being able to keep warm and dry.

3. Keep water in bird baths and ponds unfrozen

Birds need to drink and bathe every day - even when it's really cold outside. A pond or bird bath is great, but even an upturned bin lid or plant saucer can give birds the water they need. We've got lots of useful tips on how to keep water from freezing.

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