This weeks show is ready for you.

This weeks Podcast is uploaded for you to download and its loaded with all sorts.
Here's what our editor and producer Michael says about it:

"Heather, a Middle Aged Kiosk in waiting, is reduced to begging for chocolate. The Farm Fax makes an appearance. Farmer Phil starts a discussion of Facebook. Richard distributes his home grown vegetables and tries to keep the caterpillars from his cabbages. Alison drops in with Honeysuckle as Plant of the Week. And Monty delivers another PigCast."

If that hasn't convinced you its worth a listen our latest reviews has been put up in iTunes by Poojamadooja and I just HAD to share it with you:

"5 stars Must listen Podcast
Fantastic - if there is one podcast you have to listen to its this. Totally addictive. The podcast is very informative but also hilariously funny. Heather, Farmer Phil and Ricardo. The banter from the wiggly sofa is great. My favourite things are Ricardo's interviews. This guy love to talk. He spends most of the interviews talking about himself or over the interviewee. The Rachel de Thame interview is a classic example. The guy is a legend though - very very funny. This show makes my Monday. Download for laugh out loud fun. Where else can you get pigcasts, chocolate ratings, worms, plant of the week and the great Ricardo?? Bonkers.

P.S- they also cover some serious topics for which gardeners and conservationists is good news too! Don't miss this show!! Ricardo for Prime Minister!!!!!"

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