The Wiggly Wigglers Podcast

This week it’s a packed show and tall, blonde, handsome (modest) Richard has been at River Cottage HQ in Dorset making the team a homemade wormery from recycled materials. His efforts are in aid of a new River Cottage TV series, which started last Thursday (28th). The next episodes can be seen on Channel 4 at 9pm on the 4th, 11th and 18th June. For more details about the show take a look at the River Cottage web site.

There is also a big plug for Farmer Phil's Painting Competition, which is open to one and all. Farmer Phil would like you to do a drawing or painting of "something outside" to brighten up the walls of his new office. Entries close on Friday 13 June and there are some really fab prizes on offer for the winners. To get an entry form please click here.

To listen to the whole of the Wiggly podcast click here.

Below is a taster of what’s on this week’s show:

Time: 00:00:01 Heather's good at maths & the podcast now has 15 million squillion listeners - more than the BBC

Time: 00:01:56 Time for an iTunes review from Gardening Gremlin

Time: 00:02:42 What's on this week's show?

Time: 00:03:25 Montycast: a weekly fact on farming

Time: 00:03:42 Wrinkly Bottom in Wigmore, Herefordshire is open on 8 June 2008.

Time: 00:04:22 We have sheep for the Hay Festival & blonde (NOT ginger) Rich has

to chase his chickens.

Time: 00:06:37 Heather has some facts on Ryeland sheep and Farmer Phil has a new tank.

Time: 00:14:22 The team chat about Ricardo's adventures to see HFW at River Cottage.

Time: 00:19:42 Richard's in Dorset making Hugh a wormery for a new series coming up shortly on Channel 4.

Time: 00:30:28 We have a bokashi question from Julian Wilson on Facebook.

Time: 00:31:21 It's a Farmer Phil competition alert for kids up to age 101 and there are some real prizes!

The Wiggly Wigglers podcast team is Heather Gorringe, Phil Gorringe (aka Farmer Phil) and Richard Fishbourne (aka Ricardo).

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