The Wiggly Wigglers Podcast -12


It's a great show this week, with the main feature being an in depth guide to planting seeds. Richard is the teacher who explains to pupil Heather, in great detail, how to plant some lettuce seeds and propagate them. Richard fears for the safety of the seedlings and mentions (once or twice!) about the importance of water to their health and wellbeing. Heather has been making yoghurt and after tipping out the contents of her fridge, Richard gets to taste it, together with an interesting compost topping.

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Below is a taster of what’s on this week’s show:

Time: 00:00:18 Welcome from Heather and Phil. The podcasting duo are on tour in Herefordshire.

Time: 00:02:35 Monty has an interesting statistic about cattle.

Time: 00:02:52 Feedback. Sue Roberts wants to know about drying goat socks and eather lets Phil sniff her feet

Time: 00:05:58 Why were the cattle happy in March Farmer Phil?

Time: 00:07:38 Heather gets a lettuce growing lesson from Richard with a warning that they DO need water.

Time: 00:24:20 Heather's got a little treat for Richard - compost flavoured yoghurt.

Time: 00:25:14 It's tater time. Phil has a hot tater tip for Richard and Heather wants blue spuds.

Time: 00:27:13 Farmer Phil explains about ELS, an environmental scheme for English Farmers.

Time: 00:32:03 How to subscribe to this podcast and where to find older episodes.

The Wiggly Wigglers podcast team is Heather Gorringe, Phil Gorringe (aka Farmer Phil) andRichard Fishbourne (aka Ricardo).

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