The Wiggly Guide to Worm Composting

The Urbalive Worm Composter offers a versatile home wormery solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It enables efficient composting of kitchen waste using red worms, making it an excellent choice for households, classrooms, and offices.

For optimal performance, wormeries thrive in protected environments. Therefore, ideal locations for placing the wormery include a garden shed, garage, greenhouse, or a sheltered spot near the kitchen door. If you intend to keep your Urbalive outdoors, it's advisable to shield it with a tarpaulin or a similar covering.

Composting within the Worm Farm is a straightforward and odourless process. The kit features specialised trays where the red worms work their magic, transforming food scraps into nutrient-rich vermicompost. This setup allows for convenient collection of worm casts tray by tray. Additionally, the kit includes a sump for collecting liquid worm tea and a secure lid to maintain the composting environment.

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