The ABC’s of Composting

Composting is a natural process in which organic material, such as leaves, grass clippings, and food scraps, breaks down into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. The process can be broken down into four main steps:

A - Assemble: Gather your organic materials and add them to your compost pile or bin.

B - Balance: Mix together different types of organic materials, such as brown materials (dead leaves, branches) and green materials (grass clippings, kitchen scraps) to create a balance of carbon and nitrogen.

C - Cultivate: Turn or aerate your compost pile regularly to ensure that it gets enough oxygen, which is necessary for the microorganisms that break down the organic material.

S- Sustain: Keep your compost pile moist but not too wet, and add materials as they become available. Once the compost is finished, it should look and smell like rich, dark soil and can be used to amend your garden beds or potting soil.

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