Subpod is the compost system that’s different. Preorder yours Today!

Team up with compost worms and microbes to create rich soil and grow organic food.
Completely pest free and odourless thanks to its careful
design, composting has never been this easy. Worms and microbes live inside Subpod, travel out and spread rich nutrients into your garden, then return home to compost your waste.
Taking care of your waste is as simple as opening a lid, stirring your scraps in and taking a seat. All the hard work is done by the worms below you. Subpod is attractive, but also subtle – easily hidden by bushy plants and thriving vegetables, so you can focus on keeping your garden gorgeous.
You don’t have to compromise on beauty in your garden, compost with Subpod.
Subpod In-Garden Compost System - FROM £179.00
Available as Unit Only or as Unit with Starter Pack
Starter Kit (£229) Includes;
Subpod Unit
1kg Composting Worms or voucher
Bedding Block
2kg Lime Mix
2kg Worm Treat
250g Rock Dust

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