Sowing your Grass Seed

  • Prepare the soil: Remove any weeds, debris or stones from the area where you want to sow the grass seed. The soil should be raked to create a fine surface.
  • Measure the area: Measure the area where you want to sow the seed to determine how much seed you will need. For sowing a new lawn you will need 25-30g per sqm and for oversowing 15-25g will do the job.
  • Sow the seed: Sow the seed evenly over the prepared soil, either by hand or using a seed spreader. Lightly rake the soil to ensure the seed is covered by a thin layer of soil.
  • Water the area: Water the area well after sowing the seed, ensuring that the soil stays moist until the grass seed germinates. This usually takes between 7-21 days depending on the temperature and moisture.
  • Maintain the area: Once the grass has established, continue to water it regularly until it is fully established.
  • To ensure your soil is protected and your grass is resilient to drought and wildlife friendly there’s no need to mow too low or too regularly, and in winter it’s a real benefit to insects and saves lots of work for you.

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