Seed Spotlight: Layers Pellets + Mash with Bokashi!

Wiggly Bokashi is a revolutionary material. Made right here on the farm, it's based on bran which has been 'inoculated' with beneficial micro-organisms. Now it's available dry-mixed with a top quality Layers Mash for feeding to domestic chickens and ducks (suitable for birds over the age of 17 weeks).

The beneficial micro-organisms in Bokashi can be thought of as 'friendly bacteria' which help to improve the microflora in the gut. Feeds enhanced with them can help keep your wildfowl healthy generally, but there's another big advantage too: the beneficial micro-organisms work to reduce the bad smells from the animal's dung.

No special procedures are needed, just feed as normal... your birds will love it!

The Layer's Mash contains the following ingredients;

Wheat, Wheatfeed, Sunflower Ext, Calcium Carbonate, Soya bean ext, Distillers dark grains, soya bean (heat treated), Di calcuim phosphate, Salt, Vits/mins, vegetable oils, lysine, methionine, sodium carbonate.

The Layers Mash is mixed with our Bokashi bran 4% here on the farm


PLUS It's now even easier to feed your Layers with these handy pellets.

12.55kg - £14.25

2x12.55kg - £23.25

4x12.55kg - £44.50

Why buy your Birdfood from Wiggly Wigglers? 

All Wiggly Birdseeds and Feeds are mixed and packed here on our farm. #fromfarmtofeeder

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