Seed Spotlight: Farmer Phil's British Mix

This birdfeed is not just designed for British Birds (although it is perfect for them), no, this is British Mix because it's grown in British fields by Farmer Phil and some of his friends.

There is no compromise on quality, it includes Phil's special, high protein, Indigo wheat plus unrolled oats, black sunflower seeds, rape seeds, millet, linseed, canary seed and a little oyster grit. For year round use.

Made in Britain: Lots of birdfoods cant be grown here (think peanuts for one) This mix is grown by Farmer Phil and his friends.

Cost effective: Less transport, home grown = value for money.

In addition to Farmer Phil's Indigo Wheat, this is how some of the other ingredients benefit your birds:

Black Sunflowers; : Thinner shells so preferred by the birds over their striped relations, although this does make them more expensive to produce,

White Millet; A small white seed, favoured by both tree and house sparrows, reed buntings, finches and tits, siskins and wrens. It is far superior to the red variety, as it has a thin hull, so is easy for these small birds to eat.

Black Rape; A small black seed, usually grown for its high oil content, very high in protein, known by farmers as 'Black Gold'!

Linseed; Has a very high oil content, keeps birds, especially their feathers, in tip-top condition. Linseed is particularly beneficial when birds are laying or moulting, and is enjoyed by all, but in particular, the yellowhammer, whose population is currently in decline,

Canary Seed; These are super fine, and as their name suggests, are favoured by all of the smaller birds,

and Oyster Grit; A very valuable addition to any birds diet, it enables them to efficiently grind food in their gizzard and improve their digestion of vital nutrients. It also helps to improve the quality of their eggshells.

Why buy your Birdfood from Wiggly Wigglers

With all of our experience we really do know what your birdees like best - Our birdfood mixes have been put together to get the best possible outcome for you and your garden birds!

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