Podcast 58 - Show Notes

Charge your iPod's battery; it's the longest Wiggly Podcast so far!
Heather's interview with the LEAF chief executive, Caroline Drummond, spans two countries as they fly from Edinburgh to Birmingham. Then there's lots of feedback from around the world, including an accronym poser for Richard to unravel. Finally, Alison produces another Plant of the Week and is considerably more excited by the old stockman's tradition of 'Luck Money' than Farmer Phil ever was.

0.00 Intro from the Wiggly Sofa
2.14 Heather interviews Caroline Drummond CEO of LEAF
10.02 Feedback from Peter from Brisbane and Anna Farmery from the Engaging Brand and Podchef - Neal Foley and Barbara Heys
and Chris England and Randy in France. There's lots and a question on composting and Bokashi
22.00 WW enters the Shell Springboard award to attempt to encourage Bokashi within the work/office environment.
23.49 Part Two of the Caroline Drummond interview in the baggage department. She explains the LEAF Marque
29.25 Alison comes in with Plant of the Week Wood Anenome.
33.42 Alison's rant. We find out about Al's Swartbles Sheep and Luck Money.
40.36 Farmer Phil's comment on Luck Money
43.30 This week's OUTTAKES...

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