Wiggly Worms for Fishing

If you want to land a good fish you have to get your bait right and so choosing the right worm when you are bait fishing is a key component for success. Fish are attracted to worms for two key reasons: Smell and Movement. Whilst there is no single magic worm guaranteed to catch the biggest fish there are a few types that will attract salmon, trout, catfish, carp and more!

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Here's a Wiggly guide to fishing worms.

Common Night Crawlers aka Lob Worms, Garden Worms, Earthworms


The biggest earthworm used in the UK to fish with, once you have successfully secured a lob worm to your hook you are certain to attract all sorts of attention to your wiggly bait. Bass, salmon, catfish, and barbel will rarely pass the chance to devour a juicy lob. Night crawlers also work really well for trout although usually using the smaller ones in your bag will be a bit more manageable for their smaller mouths.

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Red Worms - aka Dendra Worms, Dendrabaena Veneta, Dendros, Composting Worms.


Bream, roach, tench, carp, chub and barbel will all appreciate reds and dendras. They can be fished whole, or halved, on their own or in conjunction with another bait to create a cocktail.

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Mealworms - Tenebrio molitor


Technically not an earthworm at all – mealworms are the larvae of a flour beetle. Having said that they are popular in mainland Europe as fishing bait and can be use both dried and live. In the UK they are usually used to attract carp or trout.

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 Looking after your worms!

Your worms are going to make good bait on the basis of movement and smell so you need to make sure they are fresh and alive and well. Wiggly worms are always despatched in woven polyprop bags or tubs with breathable lids so they can be kept in the packaging.

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