Composting in an Apartment

With more and more people in the UK house sharing or living in an apartment, the space outside is increasingly scarce but that shouldn't stop us from growing or indeed composting.

When you don't have a garden to toss your kitchen waste or compost your scraps where do they go? Well more and more waste collections are composting centrally of course, but much of it still ends up in landfill.

But what to do if you'd like to make your own fertiliser out of scraps? The very best recycling method we have found is Bokashi which works really well for apartment dwellers as you can have the process working indoors or on your balcony in a really small space.


Unlike most methods of composting that use air and where the food decomposes aerobically with Bokashi the food actually pickles (ferments) while it's being broken down.

Unlike other composting methods where the waste is turned into compost with Bokashi it's an anaerobic process so the actual look of the waste does not change much (just like when you pickle onions they still look like onions!) However, once it is fermented it can be buried in your containers or pots or into the soil and you will find the soil microbes go potty and break it down really quickly and safely.

The easiest way to start is to buy a complete Bokashi Value Pack

Only £85.00 for 2x Bokashi Buckets and 5kg of Bokashi Bran -


Here's how it works:



    • Each day, you'll add all of your food scraps (even meat and cheese can be included in Bokashi!) into the bucket.


    • You can save the waste in the freezer and add them less frequently if you want to.


    • You'll sprinkle the Bokashi Bran over the food fairly regularly. (every week or so)


    • After that - you place a pressure plate on top of the scraps and seal the bucket to ensure no oxygen can enter the system.



The Bokashi fermenting system is fast and it works all year-round. Once you have filled the bucket it usually takes about 2 weeks for the process to fully ferment and during this time you start the second bucket and then continue to rotate from one bucket to the other continually.

The system is sealed so won't smell, or attract flies or vermin. When you open the kit to add more waste there will be a pickling smell, and I would always deal with opening and emptying outside as then this pickling or fermenting smell is very strong.

The fertiliser you produce is fantastic for giving a boost to your veg or flowers and of course even better it's free!


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