I’m thinking you have an interest in this campaign, after all you are likely to be composting, or feeding the birds, or growing your own to be interested in Wiggly Wigglers or indeed a  Wiggly Customer, and so I am going to take a risk and tell you what I think from the horses mouth as it were – no filter…It’s desperate times.

As one farmer put it:

“Want to know why farmers are so angry? We’ve had enough of working for nothing, to produce something that everyone needs, whilst being told we are doing a sh-t job of it, by people who have never done it…”

The squeeze on family and tenant farms is more than just a financial pinch; it's a chokehold threatening to snuff out generations of tradition and custodianship of the land. Here's the blunt truth: asking farms to diversify while their core business bleeds money is like telling a sinking ship to carry more cargo. What other sector is advised to expand into new areas when the original enterprise is failing? It defies basic business logic.

Then there's the baffling directive to produce less food under the guise of carbon sequestration and the environment. Let's be clear: carbon reduction is a global challenge, not something that can be siloed within national borders. Arguing that reducing food production in the UK will somehow benefit the planet, ignores the reality that as long as humans need to eat it merely shifts the carbon footprint elsewhere, and to countries with lower production standards. This is not just short-sighted; it's a recipe for disaster. The lessons of Ukraine and COVID-19 are clear – reliance on overseas trading can backfire dramatically in times of crisis. We need food security and support to produce the best food sustainably. No Farmers No Food.

The current approach by government is unsustainable on two fronts: economically, for the farms themselves, and ecologically, for the planet. It risks the future of local farming and undermines global environmental efforts. They have forgotten the 3p’s People Planet Profit.

What can you, the consumer, do? First, really educate yourself about carbon, farming, and the real impact of your food choices. Understand the issues facing farmers and the environment. Then, support farmers directly by buying direct quality produce whenever possible. This not only helps sustain local economies but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transport.

I have no doubt it’s time to rethink our approach to farming and food production. Support buying direct, understand the broader impact of your choices, and advocate for policies that genuinely benefit the planet without undermining our food security. Remember, every purchase is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

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