Meet Our Garden Worms! (lumbricus terrestris)

These are deep burrowing worms. So if you have a garden that is waterlogged or very dry or there's got no air in it, these boys and girls will arrange it for you and they will help the drainage and all sorts of positives come from adding garden worms. We ship them in a breathable bag, which means they can breathe all the time.

So when you get them home, they like surface area. So lay them down, keep the bag sealed and turn at the other way because they like burrowing. People say, Is it cruel to send worms through the post? And I always say it's like sending a cow with an acre of grass because they've got lots of clean bedding that they can burrow into and that gives them food at the same time.

How do you add them to the soil? It's really simple. You put them all in together, make small holes, put a few in the hole together and expose to sunlight, and they will move away from the sunlight and burrow into the soil.

Garden worms. Great for your soil. By the way, if you're planting a tree, wherever you plant the tree, if you put a few worms underneath it, they will make the burrows that the tree roots will follow. So they're really good for establishing trees. We have sold these to football pitches, cricket pitches when the cricket ball had no bounce, to the Eden Project which imported tons and tons of soil and to countless other places.

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