Birds need good food & a comfortable house and home (and that's what we've got!)

Research shows that putting out birdfood probably saves the lives of 1 million birds.

Nest boxes encourage birds to mate and stay within the garden. Many generations of birds will stay year on year.

If space allows, try placing nest boxes with different sized holes for different birds. 

A good 'Local' (and bath)

All birds need to drink regularly. Make a bird bath with varied depths for different birds (the easiest way to do this is to put in some rocks, these will provide perches too). Better still, make a wildlife pond which will provide plenty of live tasty treats as well.

Pleasant surroundings

Plant a native hedge with Hawthorn, Crab Apple, Spindle etc included in it. This will provide berries, insects and nesting sites, as well as shade and cover – a minimalist, designer garden is too exposed for your garden birdies, they need hiding places. Make a wildflower meadow, even a tiny one will provide lots and lots of bugs for your birds to feast on and it will look wonderful too.

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