Make Composting your New Year's Resolution!

Bokashi “composting” isn’t really composting at all but it will recycle your kitchen waste - INCLUDING meat and dairy into a nutrient-rich tea for your plants and a safe soil conditioner.

You can keep your kit indoors and all sorts of kitchen waste including meat and dairy products which are banned from aerobic systems is added and mixed with the Bokashi Bran (which is full of friendly micro-organisms) This is pressed into the bucket on top of the waste and layer by layer the bucket is filled. Once it’s full the bucket is sealed shut and left to ferment for about 10 days or so (you can leave it much longer if you like… In fact the easiest way is to fill the next bucket while the first is fermenting and then swop)

You can draw off the tea of course but apart from this there is no maintenance or hassle with Bokashi at all. Open the bucket outside when you are ready (as it will smell really pickly) and the contents - although recognisable will now be completely fermented and thoroughly pickled which means that this “pre-compost” can be buried in your compost heap or garden where it will break down really quickly and provide your plants with fantastic nutrients. (Do not put plant roots in direct contact with it as for a couple of weeks it is too acidic.)

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