Lower Blakemere Birdseed – direct from our farm.

Lower Blakemere Farm has been growing seeds for over 25 years. It hasn’t always grown birdseed but it has always had a reputation for growing really high quality clean seed for other growers. These are the seeds that farmers the length and breadth of the country use to grow their crops. Being a supplier to so many food producers is a responsibility that Adrian (Farmer Phil’s Dad) Phil and now Monty (our son) take very seriously. Our farm is all about balance… the grass seed straw feeds our cattle in the winter and our cows duly fertilise the grass in the summer… We have a mixed farm – arable crops and beef cattle as well as our own seed cleaning plant. Once the seed is cleaned if it is for birdfood , it is then mixed and bagged here on the farm. This has various advantages… there are low food miles, and minimal packaging. For example if you order 12.55kg bags of seed we pop the address label straight onto this bag and send it directly to you. The bags can then be re-used by you or if you prefer as long as they are in great condition you can post them back to us for re-use.

Wiggly Wigglers Lower Blakemere Farm Blakemere Hereford HR2 9PX

PS As our birdseed is bagged for you as you order it is VAT free and these savings are passed directly on to you.

Order here https://wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/seed-mixes-straight-seed

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