It's Suet Season!


As winter blankets the landscape, birds face a daunting challenge: surviving the bitter cold. While we might shiver and layer up, birds rely on a different strategy to combat the icy temperatures—fats and suets become their secret weapon for survival.

In the avian world, fats and suets are like nature's energy bars, providing a concentrated source of calories essential for maintaining body heat in frigid conditions. As temperatures plummet, birds need to ramp up their metabolic rates to stay warm. Fats, with their high energy content, serve as a crucial fuel source, enabling these resilient creatures to generate the heat necessary to survive the biting cold.

Suet, a type of fat, is a particularly sought-after treat for birds during winter. Made from animal fat mixed with various seeds, nuts, or grains, suet is like a gourmet meal for our feathered friends. Its dense, high-calorie composition offers a quick energy boost, helping birds stave off the chill and maintain their internal temperature.

These fat-rich foods are not only a source of energy but also aid in insulating birds against the harsh weather. Feathers are excellent insulators, trapping air close to the bird's body to create a layer of warmth. However, in extreme cold, this may not be enough. Fats consumed by birds are deposited beneath the skin, acting as an additional layer of insulation, shielding them from the icy winds and frosty temperatures.

For bird enthusiasts, providing fats and suets in feeders during winter can be a lifeline for local bird populations. It's a simple yet impactful way to support these resilient creatures during the challenging winter months. Watching them flock to feeders filled with suet can be a heartwarming reminder of the crucial role these fats play in their survival.

As we cosy up indoors during the cold season, let's not forget our winged companions braving the elements outside. Offering a helping hand, in the form of fats and suets, ensures that these beautiful creatures continue to thrive even in the harshest winter conditions.

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