How to recycle ALL your kitchen waste!

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we have had a lot of questions about how best to deal with kitchen waste, and whether a wormery or a bokashi unit is best…

Our thoughts are as follows – if you want a complete solution the best answer is to run both kits alongside each other. This way you will have a worm composting kit that will deal with small amounts of regular kitchen waste (including potato peelings, loo rolls, tea bags and coffee grounds, fruit and veg peel etc) and those wigglers will produce the best compost on the planet and a goodly amount of liquid feed – worm tea. However, your worm composter is not a waste disposal machine and especially when we are at home more we tend to produce a glut of waste from time to time (in our house it’s Sunday lunchtime) and your worms just can’t be expected to deal with a huge amount of waste in one sitting! This is where your bokashi unit comes in – it will deal with a lot of waste in one go (as long as you add the bokashi activator) AND it will deal with cooked food and fish skins etc. The liquid you tap off is a great drain cleaner and whilst the end product is not very attractive it is a great way to boost the microbial activity in your soil and it will certainly help your veggies grow.


This investment will repay you many times over in terms of free liquid feed for life let alone the cycle of compost you will produce and if you want to buy both together we have put together a special offer.

An Organico Bokashi Kit is £109 and an Urbalive kit is £159.95 but if you buy both together before the end of June you can buy them for £245 saving £23.95 if you buy them individually!

It's easy-peasy to order and save, simply wiggle on over to here and choose your colour of wormery and add it to your basket (be sure to choose the starter kit product), then add our Bokashi Organico kit to your basket and you'll automatically save!


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