How to deal with your food waste and make the most amazing compost!


It's generally reckoned that about a third of all food in the UK ends up in the bin, either as scraps from our plates or because it has gone stale or past its sell by date and is a particular problem over the festive season. As well as a chance to cut down your food shopping bill, you are missing out on the opportunity to create the most amazing compost. There is an option for everyone, yes everyone!

From a traditional compost heap at the bottom of the garden to a wormery or bokashi bucket, the latter two being perfect for anyone with the smallest of spaces like a balcony or yard. If you have kids they will love looking after the worms and are much cheaper to keep than a pony! If you're a bit squeamish, a bokashi bucket may be the answer you've been looking for, no worms involved just effective micro-organisms breaking down your food scraps, including meat and fish (great for those bits of leftover Turkey that no-one can face eating!). All completely natural and easy to use.

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