How many worms do I need to start my Subpod Mini?

Although we don't currently stock the Subpod Mini, we do sell the worms and supplies to get your kit started and up and running. 500g of Composting Worms is the perfect amount to get your kit going. This is around 800 to 1000 worms.

Our composting worms are mixture of species (mainly reds and dendras) selected for their composting ability. Sometimes composting worms are known as tiger wormsbrandlingsreds and dendras. All work really well in your wormery and we use a mix as some worms prefer slightly more acidic conditions so a mix is beneficial.

If you're looking for a bundle of everything you need, why not order our Subpod Mini Starter Value Pack for £40 (if you're sending as a gift you can also choose for it to contain a worm voucher instead of live worms)

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