How and when to harvest the compost/castings from your Subpod

How and when to harvest the compost/castings

  • After 2-3 months or when your Subpod is full, you can harvest your Subpod compost.
  • To do this, feed only one compost bay until all the worms migrate to that side. You can then scoop out your finished compost from the other bay after two weeks, and begin the process again.
  • Unlike other compost systems, you don’t need a resting period to collect your compost. By alternating bays, you can keep feeding your system as you collect your compost.

Subpod Compost Harvesting Ideas

Sunlight Method:

Mound compost from the Subpod into piles on a tarp or place into a bucket and let them sit in a bright location for a few minutes. The worms will move to the centre and bottom of the pile or bucket to avoid the light. You can then harvest the castings on the top layer and as the castings are removed, the newly exposed worms will head to the bottom out of the light and the process can be repeated until you are left with a concentration of worms. These worms can be returned to Subpod and the castings you harvested can be used in your gardens or made into liquid compost juice for your plants.

Migration Method:
Stop adding new food to one side of the divider in Subpod. Keep feeding the other side. After the worms have eaten the food on the old side they will begin to migrate to the side you are still feeding. Eventually, you will be able to harvest the old side.

Harvest as you Compost:
You can also grab some castings from Subpod any time you plan to plant seedlings or make a liquid fertiliser - just open the lid and take out a handful or two of the dark soil looking castings and leave any larger items behind for the worms to keep eating.

Do you have to reintroduce new worms after you empty the compost?

  • When you empty your castings and compost, the worms will not be with the castings, but where the food is, on the other side of the Subpod divider.
  • When the system is getting full, stop feeding one side. After two weeks, most of the worms will move to the other side where the food has been added.  This allows for easy harvest of the castings from the unfed side.

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