Here are the recipients of our 10 New Covid Grants!

Thanks to our customers we have awarded 10 more charities with a grant of £200 to help them at this hard time. This means we will have given out over £10000!


Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

Our aim is to rescue wildlife in the South East. We helped 3500 animals last year, already doubled this year so far

They are going to use the funding to help Running costs such as food and more vet equipment so they can continue to help the sick and injured wild animals that come through the door 

More information here:




Tameside's People 4 Wildlife

We Rehabilitate injured wildlife and educational services. Helping Around 10 new animals each week. 

They are still taking in new casualties but have been unable to attend fairs and stalls this year to raise funds and have had Volounteers self isolating.

Funding will be used to stock up on certain supplies to keep them operating during these tough times.

More information here:




The Hedgehog Hotel 

We rehabilitate and provide first aid rescue Hedgehogs, over winter, small hogs that wont survive and rehabilitate those with injuries.

The cost of medications has increased 3 fold since covid came and we really are struggling despite best efforts so would use some towards that. We also need to training with The Vale Wildlife for our new volunteers.

More information here:




Natures 2nd Chance Wildlife Rescue

We rescue & rehabilitate injured/orphaned wildlife until they are fit to be returned to the wild. Released animals are continually support fed. We are also looking into starting something to help stray cats due to recently taking in a badly injured cat 

Funding will be for Food and to help pay for vet treatment.

More information here:




Tag Pet Rescue

Our Goal is Sheltering & rehoming unwanted, abandoned and stray animals. Educating the general public in going beyond the basics in pet care and raising awareness as to the instinctive drives and needs of domestic pets.

Funding will be put Towards running costs - feeding those in the sanctuary at present.

More information here:




Hoofprints miniature haven

We rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and retire ponies. We also use some of the ponies for therapy work. Our ponies have worked with the elderly, children of all ages and people with disabilities. 

Funding will aid in the care and rescue of animals 

More information here:




Hope Rescue

Hope Rescue is an independent dog rescue charity based in Llanharan, South Wales. We help around 900 dogs a year, mostly strays but we also help dogs and owners in crisis or emergency situations.

Despite all of the challenges over the last year we still managed to help to rehome 589 dogs, which is remarkable with the limitations in place. The previous year we helped 900 dogs to find their forever homes. 

Our annual vets bill is usually around £100k, we also used to benefit from a subsidised neutering scheme, which has come to an end. This will add an additional £50k, so any funding will help towards our biggest outgoing, providing care for dogs.

More information here:




Angelica's Rainbow Sanctuary

Using the science behind the human-animal bond and a strong focus on welfare we create sanctuary placements for animals in need. We have helped over 40 animals so far and have over 80 volunteers on our books

The Funding will be used to pay for the animals care and welfare needs.

More information here:



BeanOlogy C.I.C

 The GreenBeans project is one of many delivered by the BeanOlogy crew. All are about mental health, connection, community, compassion and support.

The GreenBeans project is planning to create a space in Fairford Churchyard called a “Pondering Spot.” A place for people to sit, connect, reflect and recharge their batteries. 

Our intention is to plant the space with as many plants, shrubs and seeds that invite a whole wealth of wildlife. Butterflies, bees, small mammals, birds. Using colours and movement, Some bird boxes and of course the odd fairy door. To immerse the space in life.

The Funding will be used to support the project in buying shrubs and plants that are a hub for insects. Bees, butterflies and other small beasts

More information here:



Stone Lane Gardens

We Promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical environment, in particular by preserving rare and endangered species of the national collection of Birch and Alder. To advance the education of the public in conservation. Based in Devon - within the Northern edge of Dartmoor National Park

This grant will assist our work on the wildflower meadow to attract a greater diversity of species which is being developed with the guidance of Moor Meadows and Plantlife.

More information here:

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