Grass Seed: The Eco-Friendly Choice for a Green Lawn

When it comes to creating a beautiful green lawn – the fastest result can be achieved by turfing… but that does have environmental implications. Grass seed is a little slower but it definitely is the more ecological option – here’s why.

Grass seed promotes biodiversity by allowing different grass species to exist with each other, creating a ecosystem that supports birds, bugs and butterflies. This diversity also improves soil health and prevents erosion, unlike turf.

Water Conservation:
Grass seed is more water-efficient than turf. The deeper root system of seeded lawns allows grass to access water from lower soil layers, reducing the need for excessive watering.

Chemical Reduction:
Grass seed requires fewer synthetic chemicals compared to turf. Seeded lawns naturally develop resilience, reducing the need for herbicides, pesticides, and fertilisers.

Grass seed actively absorbs and stores carbon dioxide (CO2), helping mitigate climate change. Through photosynthesis, grasses capture CO2 and store it in their roots and soil. Turf does not offer the same carbon sequestration benefits as grass seed.

This is my favourite… It’s so cheap! Grass seed is a cost-effective option for establishing a lawn, being significantly cheaper than turf.

Grass seed is the environmentally friendly choice for a green lawn. It promotes biodiversity, conserves water, reduces chemical usage, sequesters carbon, and offers cost-effectiveness and versatility. By embracing grass seed, you can create a beautiful lawn while minimizing your ecological footprint. Let’s opt for Lower Blakemere grass seed  - sown, grown, cleaned and bagged here on the farm and contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.

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