Love Birds? Hate Mess?


Our Top Tips to Keep Your Birdfeeding Area Sparkling!

For healthy birds it's really important to keep your bird tables, feeders and birdbath water as clean as possible. Because your birds congregate so much around these they can easily pass diseases on to each other (just like humans really) so keeping the area clean and tidy can play a big part in keeping your wildlife healthy.

Clean Your Feeder Outside

Don't bring a dirty feeder inside your house as it is best to keep all the dirt in a small area. Empty your feeder of seed and remove the hooks and accessories

Take It Apart To Clean

Use a cleaning brush to reach all the difficult areas inside your feeders.

Leave It Apart To Dry

Make sure the feeder is completely dry before you ll it up with seed. This will keep it cleaner for longer and prevent residue and greasy build-up.

Clean Other Accessories

Clean the table, other feeders and the water bath at the same time and then move the whole station to a new position in your garden, if possible.

Keep the Surrounding Area Clean & Tidy

It's a good idea to keep the area under your feeders as clean as possible. First of all, seeds and feeds all over the ground at night can attract some unwelcome visitors.... so to deter pests, the best way is to either clear up the area regularly, or use a dish under your feeder.

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