Earthworm Facts

 1. There are 1.3 billion earthworms in Europe alone.

2. Earthworms eat at least 50 tons of organic matter per acre annually.

3. Earthworms help fertilise soil by breaking down dead leaves, grass clippings, and manure into humus.

4. Earthworms aerate soil by moving around roots and decaying organic matter.

5. Earthworms create tunnels through which water and air can move freely.

6. Earthworms help prevent erosion by keeping topsoil from washing away.

7. Earthworms help control pests by eating their eggs and larvae.

8. Earthworms help reduce fertiliser runoff by absorbing nitrates.

9. Earthworms help prevent flooding by stabilising banks and retaining moisture.

10. Earthworms help maintain healthy ecosystems by recycling nutrients.

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