It's SNOW Problem (Or is it?)

Snow can be a big problem for your garden, damaging killing plants. Avoid this damage with our Wiggly top tips below;


How to Deal with Snow

Snow acts as an insulator, protecting plants from the cold and frost. However, a heavy layer of snow can cause leaves and branches to break, so it's important to know how to deal with it when it arrives.



    • Shake snow from the branches of large trees, hedges and shrubs to prevent them from breaking.


    • Use string to support branches and stop them being pulled out of shape. Branches that shoot away from the main plant won't spring back into place when the snow melts.


    • Try to Avoid walking on snow-covered grass as it can damage the lawn beneath and leave unsightly marks. You may also encourage the spread of various fungal diseases which thrive in cool and damp conditions.


    • If it looks like a large tree could deposit a load of snow onto a greenhouse or conservatory roof, try softly removing the snow from the branch to avoid damage.


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