Why is a compost heap so good for my wildlife garden?

We all know the benefits of a compost heap in terms of enriching the soil, adding organic matter and recycling our green waste but they have the added benefit of being brilliant for your wildlife garden. Compost heaps are rich, moist, warm dark and rather cosy for many garden creatures.

If you are lucky enough to have grass snakes in your garden it's here that they will lay their eggs so if you are of a delicate nature go careful when digging out your compost! Your recycling efforts will also make a great environment for newts, toads, earthworms, millipedes, slow worms and the gardeners' friend Hedgehogs.


Compost heaps are amazing environments where all sorts can turn up! If you want to kick start your compost heap or bin (as long as it is sited onto soil) adding a Turbo Charger of worms -http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/turbocharger-worm-power.html will give your heap a boost in terms of speed and also a good start on improving your worm population, so great for your wider patch.

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