Carbon - for bedding, how much, what type, when to add.

Adding Carbon:
Every time you add food scraps, add a few handfuls of dry carbon (paper, straw, hay, sawdust, dry leaves, cardboard). About one 5th the amount of carbon to food waste. It’s better to add more carbon than less, as the carbon acts as a bedding material for the worms.

  • It’s important to have carbon in any composting system but Subpod is a little more relaxed about this rule because the worms and microbes can take carbon from the surrounding soil. However, we still suggest placing a handful or two of carbon into the Subpod every time you feed.
  • As well as leaves, dry grass clipping and newspaper, ripped up cardboard boxes are a great carbon resource. Does your workplace throw out old paper documents?  Check that the ink is plant-based and the paper is safe (planet ark) and if so, add it in.  
  • You could contact a wood mill or furniture maker for some sawdust.  Sawdust is super concentrated as a carbon source, so a big bag would probably last you 6-12 months.
  • Coffee husks can be another free source of carbon material if you have a coffee roaster nearby - oh and don’t forget coconut coir is one of their favourites!

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