Can-O-Worms question

This is Ros from Birmingham adding her kitchen waste to her Can-O-Worms - she's actually written a diary about her worms which will be in our next catalogue. Anyway, todays question comes from Lydia and Alison replies...
"I wonder if you will be able to give me some advice or if you can point me in the direction of someone who can.
I have had a wormery set up for about a month now in our office kitchen and it seems that the worms are eating through the moisture mat. It is quite damp in the wormery but not water logged.
Is this normal, and if not what can I do?"
Thank you for your enquiry.
The worms are going up into the moisture mat because the kit has become too wet and compact.
You need to be adding more fibre such as egg cartons and inside of kitchen rolls, or even newspaper. Aim for about a quarter of your waste being this type of material.
Your worms will settle down again in the next couple of days. Kind regards Alison

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