Can I use Bokashi and Worms Together?

We use our bokashi kits in liaison with our Urbalive worm composter – this means we have the best of both worlds… Bokashi to deal with bulk waste, gluts (like Christmas) and really challenging waste like leftover meat… and our wormery which deals with regular amounts of veggie waste and makes the best compost in the world… Of course, neither is a waste disposal machine but the methods do really compliment each other and both are fantastic dinner conversation starters… “Don’t worry about leaving that – my worms are hungry…” Never fails…

If you need help with making your bokashi or worms work efficiently you will enjoy our videos and the Wiggly Wizard. Helping you get the very best out of composting.

For more help with Bokashi Composting please visit our Wiggly Wizard knowledge base here

Or if you want more info about purchasing a bokashi bin or worm composter please click these links.

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