Bokashi - A waste revolution

I have been using Bokashi for many many years now and it’s a great method of composting. Up until now though there have been various compromises… the plastic bins have been variable, sometimes the taps leak.. they haven’t always been the best design - you get the idea.
Now though it’s all changed - we have imported what we believe are the best Bokashi Buckets in the World and have added our own homemade farm bokashi into to make a really great complete kit. If you are going to use Bokashi to get rid of your kitchen waste the best way is to have one bucket you are filling whilst the other is fermenting and that is why a Bokashi Kit is always made up of two units.
You can read more from the fab Alys Fowler here 
Bokashi can deal with all sorts of waste including raw and cooked food waste. 
For more on how it can reduce your waste check out more information here at Wiggly Wigglers. If you want to order a kit they are in stock and ready to rock and roll!

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