Beyond The Wiggly APRIL 2021

Dear Wiggly Customer

Hope all goes well with you, and if you ordered from us for Mothering Sunday – a BIG thank you. We had to close our delivery slots on Wednesday afternoon as we were so busy and we didn’t want to risk taking orders just in case the mission became impossible! After all we are a farm – not a factory - and the cows do still need feeding… :) Anyway, we are very grateful for all your orders – many thanks…

Down on the farm…

We are one of the largest producers in the UK of Bokashi Bran. This is made from wheat bran, mollasses and Effective Micro-organisms and it is the activator that makes our Bokashi Buckets ferment your kitchen waste. This month Monty has been upgrading the system so that it is more efficient and a little less back braking. Theres a new system to hold the water and he’s got the supply of the carrier wheat bran to come in bulk bags instead of having to handle the smaller bags. Less hassle, less waste = Happier Farmers.

You can buy wet bokashi but we dry ours. It means it is much easier to handle as it is completely stable until you add waste and water so can keep for several months. Next week should see some serious farm action as more planting of our Spring crops takes place (as soon as the land is dry enough).

Behind the scenes at Wigglys
You may well have noticed your garden birds hauling off a few treasures to build their nests with… Whatever species you have they will be searching for the right soft furnishings for their refurb or new build! Tits will choose the softest material they can find, sheeps wool, dog hair, dried grass and fluffy seed heads are some of their favourites, whereas moss is one of the robins most used option. Leaving out some useful material is a great way to support your birds at this time of year. For the easy (and most attractive option) check out our nesting wreath.

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