Beyond the Wiggle JULY 2020

Dear Wiggly Customer

Down on the Farm
Monty and his band of merry men have been preparing for harvest – they have been cleaning grainstores ready and dealing with doubling Bokashi Orders (thank you very much for these). They have got the last lot of grass seed cleaned to free up the space for the crops which will start to be harvested hopefully in the last week of July. In more exciting news the drains have been sorted in the yard and so we have a brand new surface of concrete which will make loading and moving around a lot easier for all of us – especially Rach who needs to unload lots of wigglyness with the forklift.

The cattle have had a new treat with their sun terrace concreted… George the Charolais bull has been out with his girlfriends and whilst taking one behind the bike shed (!) he has managed to twist his ankle !!! Could have been worse I suppose… Anyway with a bit of TLC he should be back in full action very shortly…

To keep up with all the goings-on at Blakemere – you can find us on Instagram, FB or take a listen to the Wiggly Podcast – we are putting them out a little less now Lockdown is over but there are still plenty of episodes to enjoy if you have yet to dip in - 

The July Sale details
The main thing I must tell you is that our Urbalive Kits and our Organiko Bokashi kits are on offer in July…. The reason I have to mention this is because there a saving of £20 on our Wormery complete kits and £40 on our bokashi starter packs. If you are beginning your journey to recycle ALL your kitchen waste into fabulous compost and liquid feed the best way is to kit yourself out with one or both of these solutions… To help you choose which is best there are a couple of easy questions to ask yourself…

Q: Are you trying to deal with every bit of your organic kitchen waste?
A: If so look at Bokashi FIRST but you will probably end up with a Bokashi Kit and a Worm Composter).

Q: Is the quality and consistency of the compost and fertiliser your first priority?
A: Then check out the Urbalive Worm composter offer first…

Q: Do you need to deal with gluts of waste ( like a huge weekend of veggie waste?)
A: Bokashi deals with gluts of waste much easier than a worm composter…

In conclusion – neither of these kits are a competitor of a domestic waste disposal unit but both offer amazingly efficient ways of recycling your kitchen waste – without transportation into the best fertiliser and liquid feed and at the same time you will learn so much about how soil is made and how valuable your waste actually is!

Order here:

URBALIVE Worm Composter Unit + Starter Packs - WAS £159.95 - NOW £139.95

BOKASHI ORGANICO Starter Kit - WAS £109 - NOW £69 (PLUS a free 1kg bag of Bokashi Active Bran)


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