Behind the scenes on our farm...

What does being a Duchy Farm mean???

Our farm is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall - and this means our landlord is The Duke of Cornwall. The Prince of Wales became the 24th Duke of Cornwall on The Queen’s accession to the throne in 1952. At the age of 21, in 1969, he became entitled to the full income of the Duchy and took over its management. He is the longest serving Duke. The Herefordshire land was the Guy's Estate and was purchased by The Duchy of Cornwall in the early 90's.

In practise we farm about 700 acres in total and run as a mixed family farm. We have about 100 cattle which are bred for beef and we calf them in the winter inside and in the summer they enjoy the very best pasture. We grow arable crops and specialise in growing for seed… rather than food meaning most of the crops we harvest go on to other farmers or horticulturalists to grow on from there.

We have had the honour of a few Royal encounters - here's a selection of an early visit when HRH visited the farm… (he seemed to enjoy an Earl Grey Tea with honey and an organic egg sandwich as I recall)


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