10 tips for feeding your garden birds in foggy weather

Feeding garden birds during foggy weather is a kind and helpful gesture that can provide them with much-needed sustenance when natural food sources may be less accessible due to reduced visibility. Here are some tips to consider when feeding your garden birds in foggy weather:

  1.  Choose Appropriate Feeders: Opt for feeders that can protect the bird food from getting damp or wet in the fog. Tube feeders, hopper feeders, and covered platform feeders can help keep the bird food dry.
  2. High-Energy Foods: Birds need extra energy to stay warm during foggy or cold weather. Provide high-energy foods like suet cakes, peanut butter, and seeds such as sunflower seeds. These foods are rich in fats and proteins that can sustain birds during chilly conditions.
  3. Avoid Bread: While it's tempting to offer bread, it doesn't provide the necessary nutrients for birds and can lead to health problems. Stick to birdseed mixes and specialised bird foods.
  4. Keep Feeders Clean: Regularly clean your feeders to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that can be harmful to birds. Use a mild solution of water and vinegar to clean the feeders and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Offer Fresh Water: In foggy weather, birds might have trouble finding water sources. Place a shallow birdbath or a container of fresh water near the feeding area. Ensure that the water doesn't freeze, and change it regularly.
  6. Position Feeders Safely: Place feeders in a location where birds can easily spot them and feel safe from predators. Position them near trees or bushes where birds can quickly take cover if needed.
  7. Provide Variety: Different bird species have different dietary preferences. Offering a variety of foods such as seeds, nuts, fruits, and mealworms can attract a diverse range of birds to your feeder.
  8. Be Patient: It might take a little time for birds to discover a new food source. Be patient and keep the feeders stocked even if you don't see immediate activity.
  9. Minimise Disturbances: During foggy weather, birds might be more sensitive to disturbances. Try to minimise sudden movements or loud noises around the feeding area.
  10. Regular Maintenance: Keep an eye on the feeders and refill them as needed. Providing a consistent food source during foggy weather can help birds rely on your garden as a reliable feeding station.

Remember that feeding birds is just one aspect of creating a bird-friendly environment. Planting native plants, providing shelter, and reducing the use of pesticides are also important steps to support the overall well-being of birds in your area.

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