Why buy a Vintage Tool instead of a brand new one?

I know there is a tendency to look back with rose-tinted glasses, but with old tools it's not just about the nostalgia - they are better made and more practical than their modern equivalent.


Look at the shaft where say the spade or fork handle joins the steel... Often they are braced or double braced for strength.

English Wood

Our tools have ash or beech handles which are strong but also which flex with your work.

British Steel

You just cannot compare this to what is produced today. Full Stop. Ask anyone :)


The tools made years ago were about handling and balance.

The Look and Feel

If you appreciate quality and the feel and look of old tools and implements from a bygone age I am sure you will enjoy the fact that they were used by other people and the fact that they have been lovingly restored to give them yet another life.

All metal and wood has been cleaned and polished. Any evidence of old woodworm has been treated as a precaution. Items for outside display have been treated with a clear lacquer to give them protection while maintaining their original charm and character.

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