Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control

Greenfly, whitefly, vine weevils, ants and slugs - there seems to be no limit to the pests that nature can throw at your garden. But don't despair, Mother Nature also has the solution, she just needs a little help in delivering it to exactly where it is needed.

Forget laying down pellets and spraying poisons which kill indiscriminately, our 'Wiggl-away' natural pest control solutions target exactly the pest you want to be rid of, leaving the rest of your garden's wildlife quite safe. Each product contains the natural enemy, the natural mortal enemy at that, of a particular garden or horticultural pest. For example, our replacement for dangerous slug pellets contains millions of microscopic Nematodes (a type of flat worm) that you add to water and apply with a watering can.

All our natural pest control species occur naturally in the wild and act specifically against the pests they are targeted to. They are effective, easy to use, environmentally sound, free from toxic chemicals and are safe to use even when there are children, pets and wildlife around.

Our 'Wiggl-away' products are designed to be applied at particular times of year. Check the individual products for information on when each pest's season comes around and when to apply the treatments.

Please note that all these natural pest controls include live creatures so they will need to be applied on the day that they are received. Neither should they be used within 28 days of using any chemical poisons, insecticides or fungicides. Full instructions are provided with each treatment.

And for those slightly larger pests - like mice, rats and squirrels - we offer a small range of humane traps. Please be aware that if you trap wild animals you have a responsibility to deal with your catch humanely, traps must be checked daily and any unintended captures released. Traps can be baited with your intended quarry’s favourite food, such as peanut butter for squirrels or a piece of Snickers bar for rats and mice.

As always, if you need any more information just give us a call on 0800 216990 (UK only) and we'll do our best to help.

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