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Slug Control

Slug Control

Time for SLUG Wars....

Whatever size or type of garden we have most of us have woken up to garden havoc when those pesky slugs have chomped through leaves, stems, tubers, bulbs and flowers.They destroy our gardens, are covered in slime and are pretty revolting to look at.

It's very rare there is any positive PR about slugs at all to be honest... There are about seven species of slugs that are garden pests and most of them feed and night – and their tell tale slime trails will probably alert you to the level of activity. As the weather and soil temperature gets a little warmer their attack builds and is usually centred on more vulnerable plants such as seedlings and soft young shoots.

Time to swing into action with Slug Wars. You will never eradicate them from your garden but you can aim to control most of the damage.

For your longer term warfare there’s an army of weapons at your disposal: Encourage birds, toads, hedgehogs and slow worms into the garden with food, habitat and wildflowers… and they will will reward you by devouring your slugs as a tasty morsel.

But in the shorter term you will need the full cavalry to charge to wipe as many as you can as quickly as possible. This needs to be repeated throughout the growing to deplete the numbers significantly.

You can of course head out with a torch at night and destroy them by hand (yuk!) Beer traps work well, and you can even use scooped out grapefruit skins to reasonable effect. However for the all singing all dancing attack it’s best to use a biological control. There's nothing better than Nemaslug. It contains a microscopic nematode that is specific to slugs and has no adverse effect on any other animal (or human). They enter the slugs’ bodies and sort them out from the inside out! Even better you can apply it in daylight by watering it in so you can drink your beer instead of apply during the (hopefully) long summer nights!

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