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Unfortunately we are currently out of live mealworms and mini mealworms due to a national shortage. We are expecting this to last for at least another two weeks but as soon as they are in stock we will have them back online here, so keep checking back on the web for any updates. We do have stock of dried mealworms and live waxworms which your birds will both enjoy.

Native Wildflower Landscape Turf

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Native Wildflower Landscape Turf

We can't think of an easier way to convert an area of your garden into a wildflower meadow! Once you've cleared the ground you just need to roll out the turf, water it from time time then sit back and watch it grow!

Each Slab is 64cm x 100cm


Turf can be ordered all year round but Spring/Summer are the best seasons to order.

If you are ordering 5 or more slabs, we can arrange for this to be delivered to you directly from our supplier (Monday to Friday only, between 8am and 5pm).

At the busiest time of year, we order turf on a weekly basis (usually a Monday). Smaller orders are delivered to us at the farm and then forwarded onto you via courier. We need a minimum of 5 orders before we can place an order with our supplier, so you may end up on a waiting list but we will keep you informed.

Please select the £3.95 delivery option as we cannot always guarantee an exact delivery date until confirming the order with our supplier.



Your Garden Size Exact number of Slabs Number of Slabs to Order (Rounded Up) Your Garden Size Exact number of Slabs Number of Slabs to Order (Rounded Up)
3 metres squared 4.68 5 Slabs (3.20sqm) 17 metres squared 26.56 27 Slabs (17.28sqm)
4 metres squared 6.25 7 Slabs (4.48sqm) 18 metres squared 28.13 29 Slabs (18.56sqm)
5 metres squared 7.81 8 Slabs (5.12sqm) 19 metres squared 29.69 30 Slabs (19.20sqm)
6 metres squared 9.38 10 Slabs (6.4sqm) 20 metres squared 31.25 32 Slabs (20.48sqm)
7 metres squared 10.94 11 Slabs (7.04sqm) 21 metres squared 32.81 33 Slabs (21.12sqm)
8 metres squared 12.5 13 Slabs (8.32sqm) 22 metres squared 34.38 35 Slabs (22.40sqm)
9 metres squared 14.06 15 Slabs (9.60sqm) 23 metres squared 35.94 36 Slabs (23.04sqm)
10 metres squared 15.63 16 Slabs (10.24sqm) 24 metres squared 37.5 38 Slabs (24.32sqm)
11 metres squared 17.19 18 Slabs (11.52sqm) 25 metres squared 39.06 40 Slabs (25.60sqm)
12 metres squared 18.75 19 Slabs (12.16sqm) 26 metres squared 40.63 42 Slabs (26.88sqm)
13 metres squared 20.31 21 Slabs (13.44sqm) 27 metres squared 42.19 43 Slabs (27.52sqm)
14 metres squared 21.86 22 Slabs (14.08sqm) 28 metres squared 43.75 44 Slabs (28.16sqm)
15 metres squared 23.44 24 Slabs (15.36sqm) 29 metres squared 45.31 46 Slabs (29.44sqm)
16 metres squared 25 25 Slabs (16.00sqm) 30 metres squared 46.68 47 Slabs (30.08sqm)

We use a 50:50 mix of wildflower and grass seed so that you get a high proportion of flowers. All seeds used are, of course, from native stock. The grasses used in the turf form a dense sward which acts as a weed blanket, giving the wildflower plants a head start against outside competition, and have been chosen to complement rather than overwhelm the flowers.

Because Wildflower Turf is grown on a plastic base all the root development is contained within the turf itself, creating a good mat of roots. This gives it great strength which in turn makes it easy to handle and lay. And because it hasn't been cut from topsoil it hasn't lost its roots, so it establishes itself really quickly in your garden.

Maintenance, apart from watering it during establishment, is minimal... no weeding or fertilising should be necessary, just an annual cutting in Autumn.

The plants in flower will vary through the spring and summer according to the different species of flowers in the turf. The emergence of flowers and the type of plants that flower will vary from year to year according to temperature, moisture and available nutrients. This will ensure that no two years are the same (as is the case with true wild flower meadows) and gives a constantly changing landscape.

Particularly when turf is young it can look patchy in places but withhin 4 weeks it roots in and looks wonderful.

The time of year laid will affect the flowering of the turf

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