Our florists choose the very best flowers in the floristry on the day and they create each unique bouquet and posy in our floristry on Lower Blakemere Farm.

We have had such success with our Flowers that we have set up a separate brand to specialise in Floral Arrangements. Head over to for even more Floweriness (think Weddings, Anniversaries, Event Flowers and More)

Six Tips for Looking after Flowers

1: Thoroughly wash and rinse your jug or vase. If possible avoid using a metal vase as they affect the nutrient value in your flower food and your flowers may be affected by the oxidants.

2: Fill your vase with fresh lukewarm water and stir in the flower food. It’s full of nutrients to help ensure that your flowers will thrive longer. (You’ll need about 1 litre of water to one sachet of flower food.

3: If you have a handtied bouquet and want to keep it all in place leave the string tied around the stems and cut about 2cm off each stem at an angle (about 45 degrees will be just the ticket). When your flowers are sitting in their vase the angle means that the bottom of the stems still have plenty of access to the water. (Once you have the flowers in the vase you can of course cut the string for a totally natural look). Tip: If you have a really sharp knife it’’s a good idea to use it to cut the angle – you are less likely to close the stem inside.

4: Remove any of the foliage that will end up below the water level as otherwise it will spoil your flowers by decomposing and discolouring the water.

5: Put your flowers in a cool place – avoid the radiator, direct sunlight or anywhere really drafty. Tip: Avoid putting your flowers near your fruit bowl – the fruit gives off ethylene gas which ages your flowers.

6: Top your flowers up with water daily and replace the water and re-cut the stems every three days or so for maximum vase life.

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