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To attract Bumblebees Mix

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To attract Bumblebees Mix

Plants that are loved by our native bumblebees and provide nectar for them.

Birds Foot Trefoil
Bush Vetch
Clustered Bellflower
Devil’s Bit Scabious
Meadow Clary
Rock Rose

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Mixed Tray of Wildflower Plug Plants

These plants are available between March and October and you can plant between these times as long as you water and look after accordingly.

These plants have been specially selected to be attractive to bumblebees, which do need a little help from us all :) In the UK there are 24 species of bumblebee but only eight are commonly found in most places and we have managed to lose 2 species since 1940. Our gardens can provide a brilliant habitat for bumblebees as long as we provide plants for them. We'll choose selection of plants - this may include: Betony, Birds Foot Trefoil Broad-leaved everlasting S/pea, Clustered Bellflower, Cowslip, Dyer's Greenweed, Foxglove, Harebell, Marjoram, Red Clover, Rock Rose, Teasel, Wild Chives

This really is a Wildflower Planting Made Easy……

We will select the plants for your depending on what you want to achieve, and your soil type and conditions. Each species in the tray will be labelled and plug are ready for planting out. (6cm deep and 4cm diameter with established root system)

How Many Plants Do I Need?

We usually plant about 5 plugs per square metre (although obviously you can plant them closer together if you want to). On this basis one mixed tray will cover 20 m2. Planting in clumps of the same species usually looks best in swathes.

Can I Plant into Grass

You most certainly can’t sow wildflower seed into Grass - it just wont work but you can plant wildflower plugs into grass. Cut the grass as low as you can get it.

If there is a ‘thatch’ then scarify it (you need to get the plugs into contact with the soil) You don’t usually need to kill the grass before you plant it, although very modern vigorous grass seed may need a good seeing to first! If your lawn was laid pre 1970, tis is perfect.

Planting into Bare Soil

Ideally you will be planting into prepared bare soil, and if this is the case a very easy way of making it effective wildflower meadow very quickly is to plant your plugs and scatter our cornfield mix on the area, along with a few different species of wildflower in pots. This will give you a good show in the first year and then the annuals will die out as your perennial plugs take hold.

When shall I Plant?

You can plant plugs all year round but best to avoid the extremes of summer and winter. Ideally the ground needs to be cool and damp so ideally plan to plant September, October, March, April, May, June.

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