Subscribe And Save Wiggly Bouquet [No Lilies]

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Subscribe And Save Wiggly Bouquet [No Lilies]

This is a Subscription service and will repeat automatically on your selected weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis using the card you have entered for secure storage.

We promise that this arrangement will contain British Flowers and/or Foliage. The amount will depend on design and season and will be stamped on the packing or box.

Why choose Subscribe and Save? To receive a regular delivery of Beautiful British Blooms at your chosen frequency. You will only be charged when we dispatch your flowers, and in true Wigglyness you can stop the deliveries whenever you want with no hassle whatsoever. Your flowers are hand picked, hand-tied and hand boxed into our Great British Florist boxes and wrapped in brown paper. We ensure you get lots of different flowers and foliage in every bouquet which is delivered on an overnight to your door.

Please Note that due to recurring payments we can only accept payment with cards and not PayPal, many thanks.

  • £41.00


Fresh Wiggly Seasonal Flowers delivered regularly to your door. This treat will be adored by anyone who loves the different seasons and appreciates a real variety of colour, scent and texture. Utterly lovely flowers, that are cost effective for your own home, and lovely enough to send as a gift.

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