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- Bokashi Bran for Kitchen Composting
- Transform your kitchen waste into fertiliser and plant food.
- Safe and hygienic using friendly bacteria
- Recycles food, including meat and veggie scraps.
- Use just a handful every few weeks

Bokashi 1kg - £4.25
Bokashi 3kg - £12
Bokashi 5kg - £19
Bokashi 20kg - £67

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  • £4.25


Bokashi is a fantastic way of dealing with your kitchen waste Simply sprinkle a layer of Bokashi over the kitchen waste you want to compost inside your Bokashi Bucket. The beneficial micro-organisms in the Bokashi get to work treating your waste in a process that takes just a couple of weeks, after which it breaks down amazingly rapidly when is incorporated into soil or added to a conventional compost heap.

Use Subscribe and Save to get a regular Bokashi delivery to your door ensuring you never run out (and indeed don't have to store lots and lots of it!) . Of course you will only be charged when we despatch your Bokashi, and in true Wigglyness you can stop the deliveries whenever you want with no hassle whatsoever.

Q: What sort of compost do I get out of my Bokashi Kit? A; Bokashi is more about "pickling" your waste than actually composting it. The Effective Micro-organisms in the bran activate as it gets damp and this ferments your waste. This means the end result once you have filled the bin and waited for about 2 weeks looks pretty much the same as when you put it in... However this fermented waste is very different to your original waste and will smell "pickly" and the key thing is once you put it into a trench in your garden or compost heap it it will be exposed to the air and will break down very very quickly. At the same time this material is not attractive to vermin.

Q; What sort of waste can be used in the Bokashi Kit? I understand majority of it is kitchen waste (meat, fish, fruit, vegatables), can paper be used such as junk post mail, magazines and so forth? A: You can ferment all kitchen waste but it would be pointless to add paper as the Bokashi doesnt compost the waste it ferments it – pickles it. Paper does not smell and so you would add this to a conventional composter without a problem. In our office we use a Bokashi Bucket for all our lunch scraps, fruit peelings etc and then we shred all our paper waste for packaging.

Q: How do you know if the waste is broken down by the microbes from the bran? A: The waste is not broken down – its fermented and you can tell very easily as the whole thing has a sweet pickly smell to it. The process is all very easy. As you fill the bucket you add a sprinkling of Bokashi. Once its full you start on another bucket leaving the original to ferment over the time it takes you to fill the next. In most people's experience that takes about two weeks.

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