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Round Hanging LIVE!Feeder

If there is a problem with offering live food on a normal birdtable it's that you need to find a suitable dish to put the mealworms and waxworms in.

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If there is a problem with offering live food on a normal birdtable it's that you need to find a suitable dish to put the mealworms and waxworms in. Too deep and the birds can't reach down to the feed, not steep sided enough and the 'worms' can escape. Now, our LIVE!Feeders solve both problems in one. They're the easiest way we've yet found for you to put out Live Birdfood such as mealworms. Simply tip a few worms into the dispenser; the mesh floor even sieves away the bran that we use to cushion the worms in transit.

Made from oak offcuts and supplied with an 'S' hanger.

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Customer Reviews

A little expensive but on the whole, a good design. Review by Jo
Have had this live mealworm feeder for a few months now. If I'm totally honest, I think the price is a little expensive but it is a good size and a sturdy construction.

The mealworm holder just lifts out of the frame and being made of plastic can easily be washed. I especially like the fact that the holder is perforated which allows any rain water to drain. I have been buying regular sized mealworms and have noticed that occasionally, the smaller sized worms can get through these holes so perhaps more of the "mini" mealworms would escape but haven't tried this size in the feeder. Saying that, the birds love them so much that they don't stay long enough in the tray to get chance to escape!

I've got a pair of Robins and a Wren that regularly use the feeder. I've also seen a Great tit come to it on the odd occasion. How many Starlings can fit onto the feeder in one go? The answer is about five!

Until I put it up in my garden, I hadn't given a second thought to what other birds might use this feeder other than the ones I desired, such as the Robins. Some might say that it's a positive quality that the larger birds can use the feeder too. For me, this is a big drawback because of the very nature of some of these larger birds. Starlings are gluttonous and can empty it in seconds and unfortunately this model does not keep them out. Perhaps in the future, this feeder could be designed to incorporate chicken wire/some sort of cage around it to help keep the larger birds at bay.
strong sturdy feeder Review by Am
I saw this in the catalogue and ordered online, so didn't see there was another option to pay a few pounds more and get some mealworms. Ahh well, I would recommend that option personally as it sounds like a good deal.

The round hanging feeder is larger than expected (but that's good) and really sturdy. You need to add your own hook or strong cord if you want to suspend it which we did.

I always found that the little birds like the tits and finches never got any mealworms due to either the over-possessive robin or all the larger birds that would eat from my mesh trays and ceramic bowl.

Now with this suspended at the top of my large pole feeder, the smaller birds are getting their fill :)

As a bonus it adds a nice rustic charm to my garden.