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earthy goat socks

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Plain Goat Sock- Earthy Gift Pack (55% Mohair) (Mustard, Chocolate and Moss Green)

What could be better than a pair of Goat Socks? Well, a pack of three pairs of Goat Socks of course! Oh, and you save money too!


This is a short, plain knit, lightweight everyday sock which has a fully linked toe seam and a lightly elasticated top.

Ideal for wearing in shoes or lightweight boots for everyday town and country wear.

55 percent Mohair for warmth and comfort, blended with 45 percent nylon. Wash at 40 C, the instructions say do not Tumble Dry in bold text, but Heather has tried it, and they lived to tell the tale!

Available in three sizes with a choice of colours.

Goat Socks are made in the most part from mohair which is one of the most versatile textile fibres.

Many of its characteristics are similar to wool, but a key benefit is that it is finer and does not have the microscopic scales that make wool itchy, which is much better for those of us who are have sensitive skin. Mohair is warm in winter as it has excellent insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant and crease resistant. a luxury fibre, like cashmere, angora and silk, the raw material is more expensive than most wool.

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Customer Reviews

They seem to have been a huge success Review by Andrea
I bought various types of goat socks (comfort, plain and long) for the family at New Year. They seem to have been a huge success. Both my mum and sister have ordered more. My 19 year old daughter calls these real socks, and says they are the only socks to keep her feet warm when she is sitting still at the computer. My 16 year old, outdoor type son was very skeptical about his; but I noticed he was wearing them and, when asked, he admitted that he had decided to try them anyway and they actually did keep his feet warmer and more comfortable in his walking boots than his other walking socks. Now hoping to get a pair of my own on my birthday!
Everyone agrees they are a winner from my 10 year old son to 46 year old brother! Review by Fleur
I have just returned from North Wales where I was with family who received some of these socks as Christmas gifts-everyone agrees they are a winner from my 10 year old son to 46 year old brother!
Get some, you will only be happy!! Review by Alison Moffatt
My husband bought me three pairs, red, pink and purple, they are absolutely fabulous, so warm soft and comfortable, it sounds weird but I look forward to putting them on when I'm lying in bed in the morning, probably my sad life, but get some, you will only be happy!!