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Plain Goat Sock Bright Colours Pack

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Plain Goat Sock Bright Colours Pack (55% Mohair)

What could be better than a pair of Goat Socks? Well, a pack of three pairs of Goat Socks of course! Oh, and you save money too!


This is a short, plain knit, lightweight everyday sock which has a fully linked toe seam and a lightly elasticated top.

Ideal for wearing in shoes or lightweight boots for everyday town and country wear.

55 percent Mohair for warmth and comfort, blended with 45 percent nylon. Wash at 40 C, the instructions say do not Tumble Dry in bold text, but Heather has tried it, and they lived to tell the tale!

Available in three sizes with a choice of colours.

Goat Socks are made in the most part from mohair which is one of the most versatile textile fibres.

Many of its characteristics are similar to wool, but a key benefit is that it is finer and does not have the microscopic scales that make wool itchy, which is much better for those of us who are have sensitive skin. Mohair is warm in winter as it has excellent insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant and crease resistant. a luxury fibre, like cashmere, angora and silk, the raw material is more expensive than most wool.

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Customer Reviews

I Love them! Review by Lorraine Wheeler
I received my goat socks today, and I love them! They keep my feet warm without making them sweaty, they don't itch, and what a gorgeous colour (rhubarb). They may be a bit expensive, but worth every penny. The only difficult decision is what colour and style to have next time!
They are a wonderful item! Review by Am
Purchased a number of these goat socks as Xmas presents for the family. Each one of them has been wearing the socks during the snowy days and have all been praising them!
I even bought a pair for myself and they are so toasty warm, they are a wonderful item!
The most durable socks ever, and therefore cheaper than cotton or wool socks in the long run. Review by Henry
Odour free -- I wash my socks by themselves at 30 degrees with no washing liquid at all; they come out soft and fresh-smelling nevertheless.
I dislike the nylon content and would much prefer what would be the absolutely perfect sock: angora mohair and silk.
Unfortunately not available in long length in natural, which is the best for preventing mosquito bits. When hand washed especially, the fibres become fluffy and mosquitoes cannot land on one's foot in order to bite it. Light colours are best for putting mosquitoes off, so I make do with the long camel ones (as with the natural short socks, mosquitoes can bite your lower leg).